{July 5, 2011


Y July 5, 2011: Grid Help


  1. Different types of images: graphic and continuous tone
  2. Logos, photographs, flat color. Transparency, palette, file size
  3. Smushit.com Big Web Show Nicole Sullivan. (4:13 in mp4 until 6:20 )
  4. Integrating into HTML, CSS3 Transition and Transform
  5. Background images. Relative positioning within overflow hidden box.
  6. HTML5 video and embedding Vimeo (also on YouTube)


  1. This is the in-class example.
  2. Photo gallery slideshow with JQuery
  3. Simplified version of barousel slideshow
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Outline Life before CMSes Early sites were managed like yours: one HTML file per web page The markup, the look and the content itself in every page Files everywhere, hard to change (pour through coding, grep) Mistakes (Owen Youngman updates tribune.htm) Call out across the room when editing a file Manual FTP Not scalable Enterprise […]

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