Lesson 1: HTML Basics


  1. Browsers read HTML. HTML is structure.
  2. Collection of well-formed tags.
  3. Required elements: html, head, title, body
  4. Text-based tags (headers, paragraphs, strong, em, lists)
  5. Elements, attributes, nesting
  6. anchor (attributes… title)
  7. lists
  8. images


This is the HTML file that was built in class


Create a new html document with TextWrangler. Save it as risd.html

Write the HTML for the first part (up until after “history”) of the Wikipedia entry for W RISD. You do not need to hyperlink every link. But do apply at least one example of every type of tag.

Add an image of the logo at the top of your document. For this exercise, do not look at the source code, but rather make your own predictions of what tags should be used. Please FTP your finished html file and link to it from a post that you create on the class site. Be sure to assign the category exercise 1 to your post so it will show up alongside your classmates.

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