Process of making a site


  1. Jason Fried on sketching (until 10:51)
  2. Jen Robbins Big Web Show (37:00 into it 39:00 ends)
  3. Andy Clarke Big Web Show on what to present to client (28:28 in mp4 until 32:36; again 36:40 to 38:25)
  4. Richard Rutter of FontDeck and ClearLeft (22:30 into it to 24:50)
  5. Alexa Andrzejewski of Foodspotting on The Big Web Show. (16:30, 17:20 direct question
  6. Camila presents Web Design Final
  7. John presents in-progress material and process


Spend the afternoon making loose sketches for your portfolio site. Your sketches should include the core content of your site and be influenced by research of existing sites. Be prepared to share your results.

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